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Yang Lin 
Four Seasons 

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का आवरण Yang Lin: Four Seasons (ePUB)

The Chinese poetry apparently has not exerted all possibilities, and there are still a lot of people who are tirelessly dedicated to discover the fiction and test a new artistic form. When I opened the transcript of The Four Seasons and saw the announcement of a new pattern– "China’s first long poem solitaire", I was not as excited as discovering the "New World", nor urgently questioned it. The poetry is always rustic and needs to be read calmly. This long poem by Hunan poet Yang Lin can also be called a group poem, which is composed of 96 sections (groups). Each section is themed with the 24 solar terms and 72 pentads based on the Chinese lunar calendar, composed of about ten sentences and one hundred words; the whole poem has nearly a thousand lines and about ten thousand words, where the last sentence of each section is the first sentence of the following section, and at the end of the poem, it’s ended by "walking towards the spring"– the last sentence of the section "Shui Ze Fu Jian", which just echoes with "walking into the spring" in the first sentence of the section "Beginning of Spring. So the whole poem joins end to end, running in cycles.
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