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Adolf Hackmack 
Chinese Carpets and Rugs 

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Copertina di Adolf Hackmack: Chinese Carpets and Rugs (ePUB)

This guide to chinese rugs is a classic work of art history and of enormous importance to collectors, artists and casual readers alike.

First published in the famous rug-making city of Tientsin more than fifty years ago in a limited edition,
Chinese Carpets and Rugs has unjustly been out of print for far too long. It has been the object of eager and futile search by many collectors, and its reappearance here in a faithful photographic reprint is certain to be welcomed by all discerning students of carpet weaving in one of its most famous and delightful forms.

The book presents valuable essays on the development of carpet weaving, the colors of Chinese carpets, and the weaving process. The enduring worth of this book is proved by its continuing high reputation among collectors.

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Lingua Inglese ● Formato EPUB ● Pagine 122 ● ISBN 9781462911646 ● Dimensione 48.1 MB ● Casa editrice Tuttle Publishing ● Pubblicato 2012 ● Scaricabile 24 mesi ● Moneta EUR ● ID 5515436 ● Protezione dalla copia Adobe DRM
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