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Andrew Lang 
Blue Fairy Book 

Adobe DRM
Copertina di Andrew Lang: Blue Fairy Book (PDF)
The Fairy Books, or "Coloured" Fairy Books is a collection of fairy tales divided into twelve books, each associated with a different colour. Collected together by Andrew Land they are sourced from a number of different countries and were translated by Lang’s wife and other translators who also retold many of the tales. The collection has been incalculably important and, although he did not source the stories himself direct from the oral tradition he can make claim to the first English translation of many. First published in 1889, The Blue Fairy Bookis the 1st volume in this series.
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Lingua Inglese ● Formato PDF ● Pagine 402 ● ISBN 9781775567653 ● Editore Andrew Lang ● Casa editrice The Floating Press ● Pubblicato 2009 ● Scaricabile 3 volte ● Moneta EUR ● ID 6679560 ● Protezione dalla copia Adobe DRM
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