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Dragan Vujic 
Werewolf: Bite of Damnation 

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Copertina di Dragan Vujic: Werewolf: Bite of Damnation (ePUB)
What commences as a professional arrangement between two werewolf slayers evolves into a romantic relationship. Operating as an efficient team, Bryan and Dakota hunt down and execute numerous lycanthropes. As time marches on, they gain impressive reputations. Their love for each other grows stronger and their passion for terminating incarnates intensifies. Life seems to be at its absolute best. And then, an unanticipated event changes everything and destroys their entire world. One of them is bitten by a werewolf and thereby damned for all eternity. Now, hard choices have to be made that evoke conflicts between reason and emotion. Ultimately, one will have to murder the other. Death appears as the only viable option to resolve this unanticipated conundrum.
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Dragan Vujic is a writer and an avid outdoorsman. He resides in rural southern Ontario, Canada where he enjoys a quiet, serene lifestyle. Dragan may be contacted at: draganvujic1205@gmail.com or draganvujic1115@gmail.com.
Lingua Inglese ● Formato EPUB ● Pagine 348 ● ISBN 9781491750827 ● Dimensione 0.5 MB ● Casa editrice iUniverse ● Pubblicato 2014 ● Scaricabile 24 mesi ● Moneta EUR ● ID 6474666 ● Protezione dalla copia Adobe DRM
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