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Elizabeth Jeffrey 
Cassie Jordan 

Adobe DRM
Copertina di Elizabeth Jeffrey: Cassie Jordan (ePUB)
When Edward Price-Carpenter arrives in Wyford, Essex, he immediately catches Cassie Jordan’s eye. Handsome and persuasive, the young man has come to oversee work on his father’s racing yacht, and takes lodgings in the Falcon Inn where Cassie lives with her family.As romance blossoms between them, Cassie finds herself torn between the man she loves and Luke Turnbull, a childhood friend whom she is destined to marry. Though she raises a family with Luke and lives an outwardly happy life, inside Cassie is tormented by thoughts of her lost love Edward and longs for a way to be reunited with him.When tragedy strikes, will Cassie finally learn where her true affections lie?
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Lingua Inglese ● Formato EPUB ● ISBN 9780349421483 ● Casa editrice Little, Brown Book Group ● Pubblicato 2018 ● Scaricabile 3 volte ● Moneta EUR ● ID 6487395 ● Protezione dalla copia Adobe DRM
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