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Pu Lirong 
Collection of Pu Lirong’s Works 

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Copertina di Pu Lirong: Collection of Pu Lirong's Works (ePUB)

Poet Pu Lirong died almost a year ago. In order to commemorate the first anniversary of the his death, his wife Zheng Ziying and his family decided to edit all kinds of works created by the poet in his lifetime, which fully reflected his hard-working life and his literary and artistic achievements. In the editing process, his son Pu Hongzhi has done a lot of work in the further collation of his works. His daughter Pu Junzhi has preserved a large number of legacy works. His daughter Pu Shengzhi has provided a lot of logistical support for this book, as well as his grandson Pu Yuke, his granddaughter Pu Junxuan, Pu Dishu and Xu Ying.
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