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Knight Engale 
Millionaire, RN – Part Two 

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Cover of Knight Engale: Millionaire, RN - Part Two (ePUB)
Beauty Divine has always allowed her heart to lead her through life. Making the discovery that emotional decisions can sometimes be to one’s own detriment may end up being a deadly one for Beauty. Raised by her Aunt Betty from the age of 5 because her mother and father were killed in a tragic accident, Beauty felt like life has not been fair to her. In the absence of her parents, Aunt Betty, was her voice of reason and imparted wisdom. She just needed to listen. But she does use her intelligence and wit to put herself through nursing school and mount experiences that allow her to pursue her dreams. She makes amazing friends along the way. Wanting to live the big city life, Beauty lands a job in Los Angeles, but was she ready? Her pure heart and beautiful spirit delivers her right into the hands of Cobra, a professional boxer that manipulated her love for him to feed his narcissistic character. His treachery, deceit and infidelities, forces her to leave a relationship with him and instantly make her a single mother. She is left to fend for her child with little or no support. The emotional damage spawn bad decisions and financial turmoil. And she feels like the only way out of her troubles is to do the unimaginable.
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Format EPUB ● ISBN 9781662907098 ● Publisher Gatekeeper Press ● Published 2021 ● Downloadable 3 times ● Currency EUR ● ID 7759409 ● Copy protection Adobe DRM
Requires a DRM capable ebook reader

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