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Eveolution is a revolution for love, integrity, development and advancement. Eveolution is also a revelation of femininity through Afrocentric contemporary poetry.
Eveolution reveals the moral bankruptcy of the human race devoid of Ubuntu and God. This book paints Eve the feminine race, in reversed evolution as she starts as a fully developed species, glorious and having Ubuntu as her first point of call but then degrades to a moral dwarf through the corridors of time. This book laments moral degeneration but rekindles hope in moral regeneration, celebrates reward at the end, and revives faith.
The pages in this book are inked in Ubuntu, painted in prayer and framed in poetry.
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About the author

Vuyiswa Norman (nee` Nodada) aka MaMsimanga is an Andrews University (USA, Michigan) BBA (Accounting) graduate class of 1996, who took extra interest in literary analysis and writing. Since then, she fell in love with writing. When the writing bug got the best of her in 2006, she further honed her writing talent by taking a series of writing courses with the acclaimed Amanda Patterson’s school.
In 2009, MaMsimanga wrote a short story published in Germany, which earned her an invitation to The Cup of Cultures in 2010 in Berlin, Germany. She is currently working in the Social Development sector in South Africa as a Finance Manager as she boasts both left brain and right brain brilliance. She is a rare legend in the making.
Her voice is fresh, daring and innovative. She is the only author who dares to say God is Ubuntu.
Language English ● Format EPUB ● Pages 154 ● ISBN 9781493193288 ● File size 60.7 MB ● Publisher Xlibris UK ● Published 2015 ● Downloadable 24 months ● Currency EUR ● ID 6228528 ● Copy protection Adobe DRM
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