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Author: Marcela Suárez

Jan-Peter Voß (Prof. Dr.), born 1973, heads the chair of Sociology of Politics and Governance at the Technische Universität Berlin. He did his doctorate at the department of science, technology and policy studies of the University of Twente. His research is located at the intersection of sociology, political science, and science and technology studies (STS), focusing on the intertwining of epistemic, political, and aesthetic practices in late modern process of innovation and governance. Nora Rigamonti is a research associate in the project »Taste! Qualitative-sensoric ›citizen science‹ on the practice and aesthetics of eating« at the chair of Sociology of Politics and Governance at the Technische Universität Berlin (TU). She is currently working on her PhD in social and political science at the interdisciplinary DFG Graduate School »Innovation Society Today« at the TU. Marcela Suárez (Dr.) received her PhD in political science from the Freie Universität Berlin (FU) and is an associate researcher and lecturer at the Lateinamerika-Institut at FU. She investigates the socio-political dynamics of governance, asymmetries of knowledge, techno-scientific feminisms and digital culture. Since 2018 she has been part of the research group DiGiTal Transformation where she is working on the project »Feminist politics and the fight against violence in the era of digitalization«. Jacob Watson is a freelance translator and editor for sociology, philosophy, law and history.

1 Ebooks by Marcela Suárez

Jan-Peter Voß & Nora Rigamonti: Sensing Collectives
Are aesthetics and politics really two different things? The book takes a new look at how they intertwine, by turning from theory to practice. Case studies trace how sensory experiences are created …