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Pengarang: Timothy E. Gregory

Timothy E. Gregory is Professor of Byzantine History at Ohio State University where he is also Adjunct Professor of Anthropology. He is the author of Vox Populi (1979), Isthmia V. The Fortress and the Hexamilion (1993), The Corinthia in the Roman Period (1993), archaeology editor of The Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium (1991), and Director of the Ohio State University Excavations at Isthmia (Greece).

2 Ebooks by Timothy E. Gregory

Timothy E. Gregory: A History of Byzantium
This revised and expanded edition of the widely-praised AHistory of Byzantium covers the time of Constantine the Greatin AD 306 to the fall of Constantinople in 1453. * Expands treatment of the …
Elizabeth Gebhard & Timothy E Gregory: Bridge of the Untiring Sea
Pindar’s metaphor of the Isthmus as a bridge spanning two seas encapsulates the essence of the place and gives a fitting title for this volume of essays on the history and archaeology of the area. …