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Vicki Bruce 
Recognising Faces 

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Each of us is able to recognise the faces of many hundreds if not thousands of people known to us. We recognise faces despite seeing them in different views and with changing expressions. From these varying patterns we somehow extract the invariant characteristics of an individual’s face, and usually remember why a face seems familiar, recalling where we know the person from and what they are called. In this book, originally published in 1988, the author describes the progress which has been made by psychologists towards understanding these perceptual and cognitive processes, and points to theoretical directions which may prove important in the future. Though emphasising theory, the book also addresses practical problems of eyewitness testimony, and discusses the relationship between recognising faces, and other aspects of face processing such as perceiving expressions and lipreading. The book was aimed primarily at a research audience, but would also interest advanced undergraduate students in vision and cognition.
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Bahasa Inggeris ● Format EPUB ● Halaman-halaman 156 ● ISBN 9781315471792 ● Penerbit Taylor and Francis ● Diterbitkan 0031 ● Muat turun 3 kali ● Mata wang EUR ● ID 5306178 ● Salin perlindungan Adobe DRM
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