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Ashley Ormond 
Fast Money 
Conquer Your Mortgage

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Hoes van Ashley Ormond: Fast Money (ePUB)

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Do your finances control you? Frustrate you? Limit you? Well take control of your money today and get more of what you want from life.

Bestselling author, Ashley Ormond guides you through the mortgage maze saving you thousands of dollars. Fast Money: Conquer Your Mortgage is a jargon-free, practical guide that will get you closer to paying off your mortgage and on the road to financial freedom, fast!

Over de auteur

Ashley Ormond has spent over 20 years in the finance industry, working with major Australian and international banking groups, including over 10 years at senior executive levels. He also runs a private consultancy, advising businesses and business owners on corporate finance and strategy, and is the owner and principal of Investing 101 Pty Ltd. He has been a director of listed, private and not-for-profit companies, and holds a bachelor of arts in economics from Deakin University, a bachelor and master of laws from the University of Sydney, and a graduate diploma of applied finance and investment.
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