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Christine Dockrill 
Sir Toad & Mr. Frog 
A Hoppy Hap Chance Encounter!

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Hoes van Christine Dockrill: Sir Toad & Mr. Frog (ePUB)
The tale of toad and frog is timeless. This version tells of relationships. It describes the differences and similarities between toads and frogs in a funny, poetic way, focusing also on understanding between different social backgrounds. The two characters show real compassion and respect for one another. This book exemplifies a sweet story of discovery, that can certainly be used as an educational tool.
Taal Engels ● Formaat EPUB ● Pagina’s 30 ● ISBN 9781493119431 ● Uitgeverij Xlibris US ● Gepubliceerd 0031 ● Downloadbare 3 keer ● Valuta EUR ● ID 6623311 ● Kopieerbeveiliging Adobe DRM
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