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Jennifer Boothroyd 
Let’s Visit the Tundra 

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Hoes van Jennifer Boothroyd: Let's Visit the Tundra (ePUB)
Audisee(R) e Books with Audio combine professional narration and text highlighting for an engaging read aloud experience! The arctic tundra is frozen for most of the year. Only a few types of animals can survive there. But what does the tundra look like in summer? And how do plants grow in this dry biome? Read this book to find out!
Taal Engels ● Formaat EPUB ● ISBN 9781512485394 ● Uitgeverij Lerner Publishing Group ● Gepubliceerd 2017 ● Downloadbare 3 keer ● Valuta EUR ● ID 5369059 ● Kopieerbeveiliging Adobe DRM
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