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The literary history study committee of the Chinese people’s political consultative conference in Hunan Province 
Elegance in Three Xiang 
Commemorative Volume of Lv Zhenyu

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Hoes van The literary history study committee of the Chinese people's political consultative conference in Hunan Province: Elegance in Three Xiang (ePUB)

The comprehensive collection and compilation of Lv Zhenyu’s life history is of great importance for the research on the academic idea. Therefore, we got substantial support from Comrade Jiang Ming, the wife of Lv Zhenyu, and she proactively provided relevant clues and literature. In the whole life, besides teaching or administrative issues, Lv Zhenyu was busy with writing and fond of reading poems and book collection. He used to create over 3000 impromptu and sentimental poems in Learning Poetry Grass; this couple saved every penny to collect over thirty thousands of books in ancient and modern times, most of which were ancient books in Ming and Qing dynasties. Lv Zhenyu was fond of ancient poems, particularly those written by Du Fu. The name of this book is "Elegance in Three Xiang", which was the poem on the commemorative poem for the 1250th Birthday of Du Fu to demonstrate his deep love for the hometown.
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