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Clive Gilson 
Qugaaĝix̂ – First Nation Tales From Alaska & The Arctic 

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Pokrywa Clive Gilson: Qugaaĝix̂ - First Nation Tales From Alaska & The Arctic (ePUB)

There are many sources & traditions within Native American storytelling & mythologies. These tales are a selection of those told by the tribes & peoples of the far north.

Like all mythology, Inuit myths and legends are both entertaining and instructive. The Inuit designated the powers of good and evil to deities living in a spirit world closely entwined with the starkly beautiful northern landscape. These tales were intrinsically linked to Inuit shamanism.

Inuit myths and legends are usually short dramatic forms dealing with the wonders of the world: the creation, the heavens, birth, love, hunting and sharing food, respect for the aged, polygamy, murder, infanticide, incest, death and the mystery of afterlife.

These tales are an absolute delight to discover, showing just how deep & rich are the veins of folk & tribal lore across the Americas.

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And There Was Light
Wolverene And The Geese
Wolverene And Rock
Wolverene And Brant
The Two Friends Who Set Off To Travel Round The World
The Coming Of Men, A Long, Long While Ago
The Raven Myth
Thunder, Lightning, And Rain
Nukúnguasik, Who Escaped From The Tupilak
The Man In The Moon
Ímarasugssuaq, Who Ate His Wives
The Flood
Qalagánguasê, Who Passed To The Land Of Ghosts
The Origin Of The Tides
The Insects That Wooed A Wifeless Man
How The Rivers Were Formed
The Origin Of Fire
Duration Of Winter
Bird Beginnings
The Very Obstinate Man
Raven's Feast
The Dwarfs
Creation Of The Porcupine
How Raven Taught The Chilkats
The Boy From The Bottom Of The Sea, Who Frightened The People Of The House To Death
The Raven And The Goose
When The Ravens Could Speak
Raven's Marriage
Origins Of Animals
Raven And The Seals
Raven And Pitch
The Raven Who Wanted A Wife
The Man Who Took A Vixen To Wife
Raven's Dancing Blanket
Raven And The Gulls
The Water Carrier
The Great Bear
The Venturesome Hare
The Land Otter
The Man Who Became A Star
The Woman With The Iron Tail
Raven And Coot
How The Fog Came
The Man Who Avenged The Widows
Raven And Marmot
The Man Who Went Out To Search For His Son
The Bringing Of The Light By Raven
Atungait, Who Went A-Wandering
Daylight On The Nass River
Kumagdlak And The Living Arrows
The Naming Of The Birds
The Origin Of The Winds
Duration Of Life
Ghost Town
Rabbit And Frog
The Giant Dog
How Raven Stole The Lake
The Inland-Dwellers Of Etah
The Man Who Stabbed His Wife In The Leg
The Killer Whale
The Soul That Lived In The Bodies Of All Beasts
Origin Of The Chilkat Blanket
Papik, Who Killed His Wife's Brother
Origin Of Land And People
Pâtussorssuaq, Who Killed His Uncle
Creation Of The World
Origin Of Mankind
The First Woman
The First Tears
The Men Who Changed Wives
Artuk, Who Did All Forbidden Things
Origin Of The Winds
Origin Of The Wind
East Wind And North Wind
The Thunder Spirits
The Wife Who Lied
Creation Of The Killer Whale
Kâgssagssuk, The Homeless Boy Who Became A Strong Man
Future Life
Qasiagssaq, The Great Liar
The Land Of The Dead
The Eagle And The Whale
The Ghost Land
The Two Little Outcasts
Atdlarneq, The Great Glutton
The Lost Light
Ta-Ka The Mosquito And Khandatagoot The Woodpecker
The Chief In The Moon
The Boy In The Moon
The Meteor
How The Fox Became Red
Beaver And Porcupine
Tungujuluk And Saunikoq
The Wolves And The Deer
The Guillemot That Could Talk
The Woman Who Had A Bear As A Foster-Son
The Camp Robber
The Circling Of Cranes
The Last Of The Thunderbirds
How The Kiksadi Clan Came To Sitka
Origin Of The Grizzly Bear Crest
Origin Of The Frog Crest
Origin Of The Beaver Crest
Origin Of The Killer Whale Crest
The Discontented Grass Plant
The Wind People
Tricks Of The Fox
Historical Notes
About The Editor

O autorze

I was born in 1962 into a predominantly sporting household – Dad being a good footballer, playing senior amateur and lower league professional football in England, as well as running a series of private businesses in partnership with mum, herself an accomplished and medal winning dancer.

I obtained a degree in History from Leeds University before wandering rather haphazardly into the emerging world of business computing in the late nineteen-eighties.

A little like my sporting father, I followed a succession of amateur writing paths alongside my career in technology, including working as a freelance journalist and book reviewer, my one claim to fame being a by-line in a national newspaper in the UK, The Sunday People.

I also spent 10 years treading the boards, appearing all over the south of the UK in pantos and plays, in village halls and occasionally on the stage of a professional theatre or two.

Following the sporting theme, and a while after I hung up my own boots, I worked on live TV broadcasts for the BBC, ITV, TVNZ, EuroSport and others as a rugby 'Stato', covering Heineken Cups, Six Nations, IRB World Sevens and IRB World Cups in the late ’90’s and early ’00’s.

I try to combine my love of storytelling with a passion for information technology, and am currently Vice President – Technology with a major UK FinTech company.

You can find out more about my work and contact me at:
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