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John Spencer Ellis & Tammy Kling 

Adobe DRM
Pokrywa John Spencer Ellis & Tammy Kling: Compass (ePUB)
A enthralling novel about the journey of life.The Compass focuses on the individual journey, as seen through the lead character Jonathan’s eyes and walk in life.Jonathan’s family has been torn apart following a horrific car accident and he is numb to everything around him. Unable to continue life as normal, he sets of on a journey – a journey that places him alone in a desert, trekking through the wilderness.As Jonathan embarks on his journey, he meets many people; each person has a reason for being there. Each pivotal person represents a specific element of life: love, forgiveness, prophecy. This is the way that life is.Reading this book, the reader is taken on the same journey, and taught how to understand what is happening in life, as they are led towards an internal excavation of their soul. Illustrating key principles taught by leading life experts, The Compass will help to give people direction in their lives.
Metody Płatności
Język Angielski ● Format EPUB ● Strony 256 ● ISBN 9780007343355 ● Wydawca HarperCollins Publishers ● Opublikowany 2009 ● Do pobrania 6 czasy ● Waluta EUR ● ID 2819586 ● Ochrona przed kopiowaniem Adobe DRM
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