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Luo Yi’nan & Li Yongnan 
Innovation and Practice in Management of Colleges and Universities 

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Pokrywa Luo Yi'nan & Li Yongnan: Innovation and Practice in Management of Colleges and Universities (ePUB)

With the continuously deepening of the reform of higher education management system, there is a serious contrast between rapid scale expansion of colleges and universities and its quality improvement, and the competition among colleges and universities becomes increasingly fierce; internal management affairs and internal exchanges and cooperation become numerous and complex, and systems of all aspects the have to be constantly reformed and innovated; with the rapid development of market economy, the diversity of social ideological changes and agitation of various ideological trends, values and moral concepts have deepened the complexity of teachers and students’ thoughts, thus increasing the difficulty of stabilizing work.Therefore, in quite a long period of time from the present to the future, an important task of human resource and talent work of colleges and universities is to innovate the system and mechanism of human resource management, build a talent team that is compatible, coordinated and matched with the reform and development situation of colleges and universities, and make due contributions to the acceleration of the construction of a powerful talent country and powerful country of education.For this reason, the author wrote this book, Innovation and Practice in Management of Colleges and Universities, in the hope that the publication of this book can inspire more colleagues to join the scientification process of management university in China, so as to promote further development of the work of this discipline.
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Format EPUB ● ISBN 9787516613085 ● Wydawca CNPeReading ● Opublikowany 2014 ● Do pobrania 3 czasy ● Waluta EUR ● ID 6921320 ● Ochrona przed kopiowaniem Adobe DRM
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