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Xu Jilin 
Ten Theories on Chinese Intellectuals (Revised Edition) 

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Pokrywa Xu Jilin: Ten Theories on Chinese Intellectuals (Revised Edition) (ePUB)

I know the reason why this book has been loved by readers for the past ten years is not only because of its knowledge, but also because many intellectuals have been lost in the spirit world in a "post-revolutionary" secular era and do not know how to act as an intellectual, how to balance the relationship between profession and the public, and whether they should undertake the responsibilities of the society.They are eager to understand themselves and understand their self-orientation and social roles in a "small age" as intellectuals.-Xu Jilin. Have intellectuals died?Is it possible for them to continue to exist in a traditional way in the current post-modern society in which knowledge is highly specialized; culture is commercially manipulated and meta-discourse is deconstructed?Shi Tiesheng, Huang Yuansheng, Jin Yuelin, Gu Ccheng, Wang Yuanhua… Under a series of inquiries and familiar figures, the cold discussion on the fate and future of intellectuals in the new century and the passionate retrospect of journey of heart of the intellectuals in the last century are conducted in a bidirectional way.
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Format EPUB ● ISBN 9789888369386 ● Wydawca CNPeReading ● Opublikowany 2016 ● Do pobrania 3 czasy ● Waluta EUR ● ID 6921636 ● Ochrona przed kopiowaniem Adobe DRM
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