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Catherine Chambers 
Pharaoh’s Guide 

Adobe DRM
Capa do Catherine Chambers: Pharaoh's Guide (ePUB)
I am the mighty pharaoh of Egypt. I control the River Nile, plan great cities, and make sure I am the richest person in all of Egypt-with the most exotic food and expensive clothes. After all, I get to make the rules: Peasants must live far away from me, my tomb must be magnificent and secure, and we must have a strong army to defeat our neighbors. Read all of my rules to discover how I keep my kingdom running like clockwork. Everyone has their place, precious goods pour in, and I teeter-I mean tower-on the pinnacle of power. Who would dare challenge me?
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Língua Inglês ● Formato EPUB ● ISBN 9781512436273 ● Editora Lerner Publishing Group ● Publicado 2017 ● Carregável 3 vezes ● Moeda EUR ● ID 5044032 ● Proteção contra cópia Adobe DRM
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