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Gerry Bailey & Trevor Reaveley 
Sabre-tooth Tiger 

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Capa do Gerry Bailey & Trevor Reaveley: Sabre-tooth Tiger (PDF)

This book tells the story of the powerfully built Sabre-tooth Tiger who stalked the land more than 10, 000 years ago. It was like no cat living today. At the front of its jaw grew two long, curved canine teeth that resembled two sharp sabres. A fierce predator, it used these long teeth to pierce the flesh of its prey.

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Língua Inglês ● Formato PDF ● ISBN 9781427197054 ● Tamanho do arquivo 5.4 MB ● Editora Crabtree Publishing ● Publicado 2011 ● Carregável 24 meses ● Moeda EUR ● ID 5874223 ● Proteção contra cópia Adobe DRM
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