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Zeng Guangyu & Wang Hongwu 
Hydraulic Engineering 
Guarantee for Water Safety and Economic Construction

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Capa do Zeng Guangyu & Wang Hongwu: Hydraulic Engineering (ePUB)

At present, the development of the hydraulic reform has confronted new opportunities and therefore had to bear new mission.Xi Jinping proposed the water management thought that "taking water saving as priority, balancing the space, governing the system and taking actions with both hands" and new concept that "setting the production goal and urban development goal based on the water and building a water saving society" and required us to take promoting the water transformation and enhancing the water support and guarantee continuously as the main line and deepening reform and opening up as the power to treat civil hydraulic engineering as the key construction part and strict water management as the important strategic measures in the course of accelerating the economic development mode.In 2016, Kunming Water Resources Bureau successfully completed the established goals, including the construction of water conservancy infrastructure network, water resources management, water reform, people’s livelihood and water conservancy and water management according to law based on the overall arrangement of the central, provincial and municipal governments on accelerating the water reform and the close follow-up to the work of the municipal party committee and the municipal government and achieved a good start for the "13th Five-Year" water development plan.
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