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Chen Lai 
Value of Tradition 
An Interview with Chen Lai of 20 Years’ Experience

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Copertina de Chen Lai: Value of Tradition (ePUB)

This book is a collection of Mr. Chen Lai’s thoughts. He is the president of Tsinghua University Institute of Chinese Studies. From 1994 to 2018, from more than 20 years of explanatory texts on traditional culture, classic fragments were collected and presented to readers. Mr. Chen Lai not only outlined the cultural characteristics of the past 20 years, but also made a creative clarification of traditional culture, revealing the power of reflection and criticism between the lines. From these articles with ideological temperature, we can get a glimpse of the academic inheritance of traditional culture, the development of the revival movement of traditional culture, the research direction and pattern of traditional culture, etc. Through interviews and other forms, this book vividly shows Mr. Chen’s unremitting exploration of traditional culture in the past 20 years, the ideological thread of the revival of traditional culture, and the trend of traditional culture research since the reform and opening up in the past 40 years.
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