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Jiang Runxiang 
Hong Kong herbal medicine and herbal tea 

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Copertina de Jiang Runxiang: Hong Kong herbal medicine and herbal tea (ePUB)

In this book, each kind of plant has been observed on the spot, and its botanical registration, origin, distribution and usage habits are also included, in order to provide the most accurate scientific evidence.Content features:1) Summarizing that the Southern people use Southern Medicine to cure southern diseases. Although traditional Chinese medicine has been shaped in the north, Lingnan’s geographical environment has its own characteristics, and the diseases and medications of southerners are different from those in the north.The southern civilian medicine workers took the local materials and followed the traditional methods of herbal medicine to explore the four features and five flavors of medicines, and developed the southern tradition of "herbalism"-raw herbs, which used indigenous herbs to treat the unique diseases of the south area and focused on the conditioning of damp heat by linking them to the characteristics of the south..2) The golden key of the treasure of Southern Medicine. The Southern Medicine developed from the ordinary people. The medicine workers can rarely read. The knowledge is based on talking. It is not like "herbalism" that be written by the famous doctor of the Su Ru or the doctors from imperial court.Now Professor Hu Xiuying has personally collected raw herbal specimens with scientific names; Professor Liang Songming has listed their features and flavors and main functions.At the turn of the century, the book makes a a serious subject summary and assessment on the knowledge of raw herbs inherited by talking.3) For the first time, rigorously review raw herbs and herbal tea materials from the perspective of botany.
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