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Krystal Krause 

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Copertina de Krystal Krause: ELK-HORNS ON THE MULE (ePUB)
Elk Horns on The Mule, and ten days in the saddle, hunting big game in the Rocky Mountains, is an adventure story you won’t soon forget. This is not a story about high fence hunting, but rather fair chase wilderness hunting, with wide open spaces, and exceptional views of the Rockies. This is the story of a big game hunt in North western Wyoming, traveling the steep mountains, densely populated evergreen forest, and grassy meadows. Try to imagine life in the mountains, sleeping in a tent on the rough ground among the bears, and wolves, and traveling on horses and mules through the twisted terrain. I am excited to share with you the many challenges, experiences, fears and memories I had along my journey. This story will make you feel like you are there with me experiencing the thrills, drama, fears and unsurpassed energy of this outdoor adventure. Hunting big game will root itself in the soul. It is a fine sport and well respected among avid sportsman and women. This adventure changed my life, and I hope it will change yours. Everyone’s been criticized a time or two. Or maybe you’ve been told not to do something because someone said you’re not qualified. Or, maybe it was because of your gender. The question that comes to my mind is, do you believe it? That’s how life used to be, until I made the decision to step out of comfort zone and take a chance on the unknown. Multiple criticisms and manipulative actions and behaviors can leave you feeling unsure of yourself. Fear can cripple the mind. My story has an exalting influence for anyone ready to take on a challenge beyond their expectations. This is an intriguing story that will give you the power to believe in yourself first and identify your inner negative war of thoughts that rob you from living in the moment.
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Format EPUB ● ISBN 9781545603437 ● Editura MCP Books ● Publicat 2017 ● Descărcabil 3 ori ● Valută EUR ● ID 5450534 ● Protecție împotriva copiilor Adobe DRM
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