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Perry Chrissie 
Penelope Perfect 
The Green-Eyed Monster

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Copertina de Perry Chrissie: Penelope Perfect (ePUB)
Penelope has two problems. Her Very Best Friend Bob has been talking a lot (too much really) about a new friend from karate class. Penelope knows that she shouldn’t be jealous, but sometimes it’s hard not to be – especially when it comes to Bob. To make things worse, her mum has started dating. Penelope and her brother don’t know why she can’t just be happy with their family of three. Surely they’re better than a new boyfriend? Penelope MUST come up with a way to defeat the jealous green-eyed monster, without having an outburst at her best friend, or her mum. Luckily, Penelope has a few tricks up her sleeve!
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Format EPUB ● Pagini 144 ● ISBN 9781743584835 ● Editura Hardie Grant Egmont ● Publicat 2017 ● Descărcabil 3 ori ● Valută EUR ● ID 5383130 ● Protecție împotriva copiilor Adobe DRM
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