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Xia Mo 
Wisest Wife, The Most Talented Woman 
Biography of Yang Jiang

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Copertina de Xia Mo: Wisest Wife, The Most Talented Woman (ePUB)
The author of this book describes the century-old life of the literary master Yang Jiang in which her ups and downs, sorrow and joy have been fully presented. The content mainly involves: Mr. Yang Jiang’s childhood growth, family changes, learning journey, and her love with Qian Zhongshu for more than half a century, thus depicting a knowledgeable, wise, tolerant, calm, strong and resilient extraordinary woman.
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Format EPUB ● ISBN 9787513903691 ● Editura CNPeReading ● Publicat 2014 ● Descărcabil 3 ori ● Valută EUR ● ID 5534195 ● Protecție împotriva copiilor Adobe DRM
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