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Rosemary Griffith & Sherman Hansen 
Classification, Chemical Composition and Impacts

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Shock impact alterations influence the structure, mineralogy, chemistry and the mechanical properties of many meteorites. The first chapter overviews the features and observing methods of shock impacts’ results from several examples from various analyzed meteorites. These case studies provide useful examples how the shock effects could be used to estimate former processes, conditions and outline geological history of meteorites. In the second chapter, a laboratory based analysis of meteorites provides insight to the readers into the ancient planet forming processes, when several protoplanets (larger than current asteroids) formed and changed both regarding their interiors and locations in the Solar System. The analysis of meteorites testifies that these objects might show variable characteristics even some internal activity, despite their relatively small size. In Chapter 3, the authors explore the number of meteorite finds in Northwest of Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania and Mali) which has seen a considerable increase since 1999. Their work leads to the creation of a new database of meteorites stemming from the Northwest of Africa. In turn, the reclassification of NWA meteorites certainly makes the meteorite heritage of Morocco and other countries of the Northwest of Africa valuable; a priceless heritage and of an inestimable scientific and socioeconomic value. In the last chapter, the authors examine a minimally contaminated material, which can be used for the analysis of the possible relations between Itokawa and the parent body of the Chelyabinsk meteorite.
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Format PDF ● Pages 151 ● ISBN 9781536123456 ● Editor Rosemary Griffith & Sherman Hansen ● Publisher Nova Science Publishers ● Published 2017 ● Downloadable 3 times ● Currency EUR ● ID 7217280 ● Copy protection Adobe DRM
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