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Thomas Nelson Page 
Tommy Trot’s Visit To Santa Claus 

One of the most attractive and valuable of the holiday books for young people is Thomas Nelson Page’s new story, ‘Tommy Trot’s Visit to Santa Claus.’ This is a real boy’s story of Christmas. The sturdy small boy with the goat team and the protected youngster who had never coasted before make a wonderful trip to Santa Claus Land. There they see his houses, his shops, and his helpers; they go on a thrilling hunt after polar bears and seal-skins; they drive reindeers and they find some presents, though only as they seek them for other people. The spirit of Christmas giving and of real adventure combine to make this beautifully told story, revealing all the grace and art of the author of ‘Santa Claus’ Partner’ and ‘A Captured Santa Claus, ‘ a perfect Christmas book.
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язык английский ● Формат EPUB ● страницы 66 ● ISBN 9783849647582 ● Размер файла 0.7 MB ● издатель Jazzybee Verlag ● город Altenmünster ● Страна DE ● опубликованный 2015 ● Загружаемые 24 месяцы ● валюта EUR ● Код товара 5096575 ● Защита от копирования без

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