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Andrea Mohr 
Dancer, Drug Smuggler, Prisoner, Saint

Adobe DRM
Omslag till Andrea Mohr: Pixie (ePUB)
Andrea Mohr’s CV is an eye-opening read: drug runner, hostess, money launderer, drug dealer and importer, amongst other things. Alongside this was a glamorous life filled with travel, movie stars and easy money. But the dark side of drugs and addiction eventually saw her serve five years in jail for importing 5.5 kg of cocaine into Australia. Andrea was sent to Deer Park, a maximum security women’s prison, a violent, corrupt, mismanaged facility where there were more drugs inside than outside, and where one of her fellow inmates nicknamed her Pixie. In Pixie, she looks back on her involvement in drug smuggling that took her to exotic locations around the world including Colombia, the US, Thailand and Indonesia. Andrea introduces us to the people she met and gives us a rare insight into a criminal world few know. It’s a frank and shockingly truthful account of a life filled with dizzying highs – with terrible consequences. Her book is a blend of vivid dialogue, unforgettable characters, amazing adventures and evocations of the violence of prison life. But as a sub-text, Andrea explores police corruption and the outcomes of justice and punishment.
Formatera EPUB ● ISBN 9781742732251 ● Utgivare Hardie Grant Grp ● Publicerad 2010 ● Nedladdningsbara 6 gånger ● Valuta EUR ● ID 2413526 ● Kopieringsskydd Adobe DRM
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