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Författare: Matthew J. Hornsey

Jolanda Jetten is Professor of Social Psychology at theUniversity of Queensland, Australia. She has published on topicsrelating to peripheral and marginal group membership; deviancewithin groups; normative influence and conformity; the role ofperceptions of intergroup distinctiveness in intergroupdiscrimination; coping with devalued group membership; and identitychange processes. She is currently Chief Editor of the BritishJournal of Social Psychology and Associate Editor with SocialPsychology.Matthew J. Hornsey is an Associate Professor of SocialPsychology and Associate Dean (Research) at the University ofQueensland, Australia. His research focuses on the socialpsychology of intergroup relations, identity threat, criticism, dissent, collective forgiveness, and the tension between individualand group will. He is currently Associate Editor for the journalGroup Processes and Intergroup Relations, and theAustralian Journal of Psychology.

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