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Wondering Wandering Writer 
A Gathering of Tales from a Cosmopolitan Family 

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Omslag till Wondering Wandering Writer: A Gathering of Tales from a Cosmopolitan Family (ePUB)
This book has five stories: some were written during the author’s European Voluntary Service (EVS) experience in Romania to entertain the children while they were at nursery and in the library. Others she collected, influenced by her current residence within the magic of Scotland and also being in love with a mysterious Igbo man from Africa. She has finally made her dreams come true by publishing her first book which she can now read to her two gorgeous daughters Chikaima Maitea and Chimamanda Lavinia.
The final tale was a team effort between four talented European volunteers, taking folklore from different countries to spark the imagination of the readers.
The narrators of these stories are the members of the Chuk family: a tiger, a panda, a ladybug and an elephant. During the day, they learn from each other the importance of breakfast around the world, and how a traditional Scottish breakfast is eaten. They will teach the readers the names of the colours in the Igbo language, from a part of Nigeria.
This book is to be enjoyed with your loved ones, to experience happy moments with your family and friends while also learning about different cultures.
The quote by Wole Soyinka “the death of nations and the existence of humanity” was the main inspiration for A Gathering of Tales from a Cosmopolitan Family, hoping that the stories will bring people together from all over the world celebrating the beauty of diversity through these wondrous characters.
Språk Engelska ● Formatera EPUB ● Sidor 36 ● ISBN 9781665582483 ● Filstorlek 3.4 MB ● Utgivare AuthorHouse UK ● Publicerad 2021 ● Nedladdningsbara 24 månader ● Valuta EUR ● ID 7790960 ● Kopieringsskydd Adobe DRM
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