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Colin Cage 
The Warning

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Örtmek Colin Cage: Eyvilnar (ePUB)
Hion, a city near the border of New Mexico, is home to many unearthly and marvelous happenings, but it also carries the darkest of mystics: the battle between good and evil. For years, Sasha has lived in secret with his abilities, known only to his father and himself, believing to be the only one like him in the cosmos. But one day, unusual things start to happen. He always feels being watched and is being attacked by vampires, werewolves, and magical beings. Whats going on here? Theres a rumor that Sasha may perhaps be possessed by the evil god, Eyvilnar. Sasha is then pulled into a world of magic and fairy tales. As secrets are revealed, Sasha has to battle on his own for his friends prefer to remain cryptic. Who is he? What is he? Where is he from? As if all the excitement isnt enough, Cupid shoots his arrows, and Sasha finds his heart torn between a gorgeous yet quirky witch, Kaylee, and his equally beautiful neighbor, Tania. Where will destiny take him? And to whom will fate entrust his heart?
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Colin Cage, Born on the 22nd of March 1990. Living in Carolina, Mpumalanga.
Coffee, stargazing. and cycling, are just a few of the things he loves.
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