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Debbie Dadey 
Whale of a Tale 

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Örtmek Debbie Dadey: Whale of a Tale (ePUB)
In this sparkling Mermaid Tales adventure, can Kiki overcome her fears and enjoy her first-ever trip to the oceans surface? The third graders at Trident Academy are traveling to the surface of the ocean for the first time ever for a hugely exciting activity: Theyre going to visit a pod of humpback whales! But Kiki is less than thrilled. In fact, shes scared from the top of her head to the tip of her tail. After all, the enormous creatures could swallow her (and maybe her entire class) in one giant gulp! Kikis pals Shelly and Echo try to help shrink her fears, and when a new friend comes alonga very big, whale-size friend Kikis courage emerges, and the fun looms large.
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Dil İngilizce ● Biçim EPUB ● Sayfalar 128 ● ISBN 9781442429857 ● Yayımcı Aladdin ● Yayınlanan 2012 ● İndirilebilir 6 kez ● Döviz EUR ● Kimlik 5707844 ● Kopya koruma Adobe DRM
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