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Dennis C. Brewer & Paul A. Brewer 
Wiring Your Digital Home For Dummies 

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Örtmek Dennis C. Brewer & Paul A. Brewer: Wiring Your Digital Home For Dummies (PDF)

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* Beef up your home’s wiring infrastructure and control systemsto accommodate the latest digital home products.
* Upgrade wiring in your existing home room-by-room, system-by-system or wire the home you’re building.
* Learn wiring for the latest digital home technologies — wholehome audio, outdoor audio, Vo IP, PA systems, security systems with Web cams, home theater, home networking, alarms, back-up systems, and more.
* Perfect whether you do your own electrical work or want to talkintelligently to an electrical contractor.
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Part I: Installing Power Distribution and Basic Wiring.

Chapter 1: Designing Your Digital Dream Home.

Chapter 2: Bringing In the Services.

Chapter 3: Roughing In the Wiring.

Chapter 4: Trimming Your Home’s Electrical System.

Chapter 5: Controlling Your Life Remotely.

Part II: Adding Communication, Audio, and Video Systems.

Chapter 6: Wiring Your Home Phone System.

Chapter 7: Installing a Public Address System.

Chapter 8: Installing Cable TV and Advanced Digital Services.

Chapter 9: Adding Stereo and Surround Sound.

Chapter 10: Wiring Family Rooms and Home Theaters.

Chapter 11: Installing Video Systems and Cameras.

Part III: Installing Home Networks and Advanced Technology.

Chapter 12: Home Networks and Internet Connections.

Chapter 13: Integrating Computer Controls and Voice Technology.

Part IV: Security and Safety Systems.

Chapter 14: Working with Security Zones and Alarm Systems.

Chapter 15: Backup and Alternative Power.

Part V: Extending Technology to Outdoor Living Spaces.

Chapter 16: Wiring Outside the House.

Chapter 17: Outdoor Electronics.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 18: The Ten Best Wiring Web Sites.

Chapter 19: The Ten Biggest Wiring Mistakes.

Chapter 20: Ten Troubleshooting Tips.

Part VII: Appendixes.

Appendix A: Product Sources.

Appendix B: What Mr. Ohm Wanted You to Know.

Appendix C: About the CD.


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Dennis C. Brewer is a certified network engineer with morethan 12 years of computer technology experience.

Paul A. Brewer is a veteran electrical engineer andlicensed master electrician.
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