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Elijah David 
Paper and Thorns 

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Örtmek Elijah David: Paper and Thorns (ePUB)

What if Beauty cursed the Beast?

They were never supposed to meet, but from their first encounter backstage, Molly and the Beast found themselves drawn into each other’s worlds. It looked like happily ever after, until Molly’s Fae mother tracked them down. Now time is running out, and the only way for the Beast to save Molly is to complete three impossible tasks. But can true love break an unbreakable curse?

Paper and Thorns is the first novella in the Princes Never Prosper series, which filters beloved fairy tales through a contemporary lens.

Ödeme metodları

İçerik tablosu

I. The Rose

II. The Mask

III. The Name

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Elijah David works as a barista to pay for his book buying habit. An avid reader of fantasy, he writes contemporary fantasy with a kitchen sink mythology in the form of the Albion Quartet and the Princes Never Prosper series. When he isn’t reading, writing, or fanning about fantastical stories, he spends time with his wife, son, and cat. As far as he knows, Elijah’s only magical ability is putting pen to paper.
Dil İngilizce ● Biçim EPUB ● Sayfalar 90 ● ISBN 9781087871691 ● Dosya boyutu 0.3 MB ● Yayımcı Elijah Carnley ● Yayınlanan 2020 ● Baskı 1 ● İndirilebilir 24 aylar ● Döviz EUR ● Kimlik 7524356 ● Kopya koruma Adobe DRM
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