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Huo Zhushan 
Baiyu Mountain in the Lunar Calendar 

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Örtmek Huo Zhushan: Baiyu Mountain in the Lunar Calendar (ePUB)

I dare not say that all the works in this series are excellent, but if we choose any of them, there will always be one or several that are not inferior to the works that have been awarded or promoted. However, when some of the articles in the series were published by major publications, many editors even misunderstood their native places. Some critics had to regret missing the "head-turning rate", and not believing that the remote area of barren land in northern Shaanxi would produce such grand, pure and realistic contemporary works. But in fact, they come from northern Shaanxi, and Yulin.
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Dil Çince ● Biçim EPUB ● ISBN 9787227064862 ● Yayımcı CNPeReading ● Yayınlanan 2016 ● İndirilebilir 3 kez ● Döviz EUR ● Kimlik 6953343 ● Kopya koruma Adobe DRM
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