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In a Certain Kingdom 
Fairy Tales of Old Russia

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Deathless villains that can’t help dying, idiots who are wiser than kings, and everyone’s favorite pestle-riding hag … These are not your tame happily-ever-after fairy tales!
The traditional fairy tales of Russia transport the reader to a fantastical world filled with danger, wonder, and ultimately, consolation. They may be strange, they may be frightening, but Russian fairy tales take you to a place you never want to leave. A magical land of prophecy and adventure that helps you see your own life in vivid colors.
This collection features nine stories, translated and retold by award-winning fantasy novelist Nicholas Kotar. These aren’t stuffy academic translations. They are retellings by a storyteller, easy to read and filled with wit and whimsy.
Discover delightfully entertaining tales filled with princes, warrior-queens, talking wolves, and everyone’s favorite villain: Baba Yaga herself!
Don’t miss In a Certain Kingdom, the first volume in an exciting new series of translations of classic Russian fairy tales and myths.

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