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George Ade 
Ade’s Fables 

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Bìa của George Ade: Ade's Fables (ePUB)

Dodo Collections brings you another classic from Ade George, ‘Ade’s Fables.’

This collection of fables are interesting and are sure to keep your attention. Think of these as like reading fairy tales, but in adult form the fable. If you like short stories that have a moral to the story, this is a lovely book.

George Ade was born in Kentland, Indiana, one of seven children raised by John and Adaline (Bush) Ade. While attending Purdue University, he became a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity. He also met and started a lifelong friendship with fellow cartoonist and Sigma Chi brother John T. Mc Cutcheon and worked as a reporter for the
Lafayette Call. He graduated in 1887.

Ade’s literary reputation rests upon his achievements as a great humorist of American character during an important era in American history: the first large wave of migration from the countryside to burgeoning cities like Chicago, where, in fact, Ade produced his best fiction. He was a practicing realist during the Age of (William Dean) Howells and a local colorist of Chicago and the Midwest. His work constitutes a vast comedy of Midwestern manners and, indeed, a comedy of late 19th-century American manners. In 1915, Sir Walter Raleigh, Oxford professor and man of letters, while on a lecture tour in America, called George Ade ‘the greatest living American writer.’
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Ngôn ngữ Anh ● định dạng EPUB ● Trang 150 ● ISBN 9781508026495 ● Kích thước tập tin 0.6 MB ● Nhà xuất bản Dead Dodo Classic Press ● Được phát hành 2015 ● Có thể tải xuống 24 tháng ● Tiền tệ EUR ● TÔI 6627107 ● Sao chép bảo vệ Adobe DRM
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