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Gloria Nero 
Full Wolf Moon Going Down 

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Adobe DRM
Bìa của Gloria Nero: Full Wolf Moon Going Down (ePUB)
The family farm and its independent way of life are brilliantly depicted in this novel of love, loss, and moral conflict.Lucifer Cooley lives a quiet, simple life, but tragedy has struck. At odds with his brothers and neighbors, he logs the woods, milks his cows and tills the fields of his Catskill Mountain farm. Alone at night he dwells darkly upon those things he cannot undo.Pop Cooley is an old man who needs to slow up, trapped within his ailing body, he must reconcile a secret one which will most certainly bring about misfortune.When Lilith de Clare ventures to the bucolic farm with her innocent child, Queena, she is realizing a girlhood dream. But a sinful secret threatens to destroy her happiness.Gloria Neros evocative style is equal to her empathy and understanding of individual hardship. She is the author of Crazysad Heart of a Fool.
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Ngôn ngữ Anh ● định dạng EPUB ● Trang 392 ● ISBN 9781477172766 ● Nhà xuất bản Xlibris US ● Được phát hành 2003 ● Có thể tải xuống 3 lần ● Tiền tệ EUR ● TÔI 6615273 ● Sao chép bảo vệ Adobe DRM
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