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Kumaar Pradhan 
Happening Field 
Short Stories

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Adobe DRM
Bìa của Kumaar Pradhan: Happening Field (ePUB)
Happening Field is a collection of stories based on authors experiences during his 35 year advertising career. The author went on jotting his experiences which, he felt, would later lend to development in to a short story. The stories touch the gamut of advertising functions from business maintenance and campaign planning to releases in media. However, the stories are not about advertising. Advertising is just the back drop. Happening Field may interest not only advertising persons but English loving readers all over the world irrespective of readers field of work. Readers may relate themselves with protagonists of stories. If that happens, author feels, he is successful in his endeavor. The experiences in the stories are checkered yet charming and curious. An interesting read, which you wont leave aside before you finish it.
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Ngôn ngữ Anh ● định dạng EPUB ● Trang 144 ● ISBN 9781477289624 ● Nhà xuất bản AuthorHouse ● Được phát hành 2013 ● Có thể tải xuống 3 lần ● Tiền tệ EUR ● TÔI 6617233 ● Sao chép bảo vệ Adobe DRM
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