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Zeng Shiqiang 
Lessons from Zhuge Liang 

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Bìa của Zeng Shiqiang: Lessons from Zhuge Liang (ePUB)

When Zhuge Liang was just a scholar in Nanyang, he was praised by Pang Degong as " Wolong". Sima Hui praised him as "A brilliant man who knows how to adapt to the time." So what did Zhuge Liang do in Nanyang? What enlightenment does his experience of farming in Nanyang give us? Why did he choose to assist Liu Bei? After the three kingdoms situation formed, as the military adviser, how did Zhuge Liang implement his political strategies? How did he choose people? How was his team set up? What kind of statecraft did he use? Why such a clever man did not want to be a king and just wanted to assist Liu Chan? In 1836 years later, what inspirations can his story give us? All these answers are contained in the book.
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định dạng EPUB ● ISBN 9787202122563 ● Nhà xuất bản CNPeReading ● Được phát hành 2017 ● Có thể tải xuống 3 lần ● Tiền tệ EUR ● TÔI 6953310 ● Sao chép bảo vệ Adobe DRM
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