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Yuet wan LO 
狗妈妈遇见鸡妈妈 Mother Dog Met Mother Hen 

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Cover of Yuet wan LO: 狗妈妈遇见鸡妈妈 Mother Dog Met Mother Hen (ePUB)

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"Mother Dog met Mother Hen and her newborn chicks. She thought that Mother Hen would be tired and would need some rest. Mother Hen told Mother Dog that she only laid eggs, and her chicks were hatched from the eggs so she did not need any rest! Mother Dog did not believe it because she had a different experience in giving birth to her puppy. Mother Hen tried to help her understand but it was all in vain. As a result, Mother Dog and her puppy lived in fear all day because of their stubbornness." This picture book (1st in the animal story series) is written in simplified Chinese with Mandarin Pinyin (Mandarin phonetics) above the Chinese characters and English translations below. There are also revision activities, vocabulary tables(with English Translations) and a table of Chinese Pinyin Basic Sounds and Four Tones to help children learn Mandarin Chinese.

"狗妈妈遇上了鸡妈妈,看到她带着一些刚出生的小鸡,便认为她应该很累了,需要休息一下。鸡妈妈告诉狗妈妈,她只是生鸡蛋和孵小鸡,所以是不用休息的!狗妈妈并不相信她这话,因为这与她生小狗的经验不同。鸡妈妈尝试帮助狗妈妈明白,但始终不成功,最后狗妈妈和小狗竟因一己的固执便整天活在恐惧中。" 本书以简体中文书写﹐中文上面注有普通话拼音﹐下面印有英文翻译。书中也 印有“生字表”(附英文翻译)、动脑筋活动和汉语拼音基本音素和四声表以帮 助儿童学习中文。

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About the author

Craig Tranter was born and brought up in England. He currently works as the Curriculum Leader of Modern Foreign Languages in an Ofsted Outstanding Secondary School and Sixth Form College near London. He studies French, Spanish and Italian at the University of Hull until 2009 before completing his Teacher Training at the University of Cambridge. He then went on to complete his Masters in Education at distinction level and continues to enjoy teaching and learning new languages to this day.
Language Chinese ● Format EPUB ● Pages 54 ● ISBN 9780993049910 ● File size 8.6 MB ● Age 17-10 years ● Editor Xue ZHANG & Craig TRANTER ● Publisher Ming Yi Chinese Publication Limited ● Published 2017 ● Downloadable 24 months ● Currency EUR ● ID 5288954 ● Copy protection Adobe DRM
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