Anon E. Mouse & Retold by Frank B Linderman 
AMERICAN INDIAN WHY STORIES – 22 Native American stories and legends from America’s Northwest 
22 American Indian myths and legends from America’s Northwest

These 22 “Why” stories from the Blackfeet, Chippewa, and Cree tribes were handed down from father to son, with little variation, through countless generations. These 22 stories were used to teach the young ones about the environment in which they lived but also the lessons of life. But the time of the tribal story-teller has passed, and only here and there is to be found a patriarch who loves the legends from the old days. This book is an attempt to ensure that these memories are forever on record and never lost to future generations.

Herein you will find the stories of:
Why The Chipmunk’s Back Is Striped
How The Ducks Got Their Fine Feathers
Why The Kingfisher Always Wears A War-Bonnet
Why The Curlew’s Bill Is Long And Crooked
Old-Man Remakes The World
Why Blackfeet Never Kill Mice
How The Otter Skin Became Great ‚Medicine‘
Old-Man Steals The Sun’s Leggings
Old-Man And His Conscience
Old-Man’s Treachery
Why The Night-Hawk’s Wings Are Beautiful
Why The Mountain-Lion Is Long And Lean
The Fire-Leggings
The Moon And The Great Snake
Why The Deer Has No Gall
Why The Indians Whip The Buffalo-Berries From The Bushes
Old-Man And The Fox
Why The Birch-Tree Wears The Slashes In Its Bark
Mistakes Of Old-Man
How The Man Found His Mate

This volume was written and recorded in a time when the great Northwest was rapidly becoming a settled country. With the passing of the traditional ways of the Indian, much of the America’s aboriginal folk-lore, rich in its fairy-like characters, and its relation to the lives of its native people, has been lost.

There is a wide difference between folk-lore of the so-called Old World and that of America. The folk-stories of our European ancestors, transmitted orally through countless generations, show many evidences of distortion and of change in material particulars; but the American Indian seems to have been too fond of nature and too proud of tradition to have forgotten or changed the teachings of his forefathers. Like Polynesian folklore, they have changed little and have a childlike in simplicity, beginning with creation itself, and reaching to the whys and wherefores of nature’s moods and eccentricities, these tales impress as being well worth saving.

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