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Neural Engineering 

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Reviews and discussions of contemporary and relevant topics by leading investigators, essential for all those wishing to take advantage of the latest and greatest in this emerging field.



Sensory Neural Prostheses.- Interfacing Neural Tissue with Microsystems.- Brain—Computer Interface.- Neurorobotics.- Electrical Stimulation of the Neuromuscular System.- Neural Signal Processing.- Electrophysiological Neuroimaging.- Mechanisms of Cortical Computation.- Computational Neural Networks.- Circuit Models for Neural Information Processing.- Neural System Identification.- Seizure Prediction in Epilepsy.- Retinal Bioengineering.

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Bin He, PhD., is a leading figure in the field of bioelectric engineering. An internationally recognized scientist with numerous publications, Dr. He has served as the President of the International Society of Bioelectromagnetism and as an Associate or Guest Editor for nine international journals in the field of biomedical engineering. Dr. He is currently Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Neuroscience at the University of Minnesota.
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