Cath Sutherland 
Creating Brand Energy 

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Discover a refreshing and meaningful way of doing business: One that starts with you, and explores who you are, what you stand for and why you are here. Cath Sutherland, invites you on a fun and affirming journey through her innovative Brand Creation Process, to discover your powerful and unique Brand Energy.This is your ultimate personalised blueprint for; who you are as a business, ‚how‘ to do business and ‚how‘ to operate as a Conscious Business.Connect with and activate your Global Vision, Purpose, Values, Personality and Product to create unique emotional value that will attract ‚like energy‘ and nurture life partnerships with your team, customers and stakeholders. This practical and creative guide is as powerful for the entrepreneur as it is for the corporate professional. Featuring inspiring case studies, it is a genuine ‚how to‘ book demonstrating that businesses who are true to who they are (whether that is one of you or a collective) can naturally build powerful brands and long term, sustainable business success. Get ready to be energised!’It’s one of the most remarkable, riveting, and I hope game-changing (for me/so many ideas!) book I have read in a decade. Simply amazing!‘ Michael Lee -Managing Director, International Advertising Association’Creating Brand Energy is a book for our times and for the future of business. It is Exciting, Neotenous (maintaining childlike wonder yet being an expression of wisdom), Empathetic, Really Gutsy and will be of great benefit to You, Your business and Your relationships. In short, it is positive ENERGY. Read it and grow.‘ Glenn Capelli CSP Churchill Fellow and author of Thinking Caps’It’s a great training tool to show our staff the natural evolution of our brand, what it means to be a part of our energy, what they can do to activate it and importantly provide consistency for our business.‘ Richard Poulson, Owner, Morrison.’Creating Brand Energy is not just evolutionary it is revolutionary.‘ Jeff Allis, CEO, Boost Juice.
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