Cynthia Hayes 
Soul Lessons 
Discovering Your True Purpose

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Have you ever wondered why your life has turned out the way it has? Why you had to endure certain trials, circumstances, and experiences? The answer is they were your soul lessons, lessons that were created by the divine with curriculum specifically designed for you. The key to discovering your true purpose is found in understanding the messages, knowledge, and gifts that each lesson has given you. Soul Lessons: Discovering Your True Purpose invites you to reexamine your lifes journey and seek the wisdom that each experience has given you. These gifts of wisdom are the divine calling of your soul and will reveal your life purpose.

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Cynthia Hayes has a master’s in management and has been an educator and writer for over a decade. Her connection to spirit has shown her how the trials and adversity in our lives are the divine lessons for our soul. Cynthia shares with you how you can discover your soul’s purpose through the lessons that the divine has assigned to your soul.
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