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Nikon D700 Digital Field Guide 

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Get the results your camera was meant to deliver

With the D700, you’ve stepped up to a high-performance camera.The possibilities offered by its 12.1-megapixel, FX-format CMOSsensor are exhilarating. This guide helps you take full advantageof every feature you paid for, offering clear and comprehensivedirections for setting up the camera, choosing modes, selectinglenses, and much more. With detailed guidance for working withlighting, exposure, and depth of field plus advanced shootingtechniques for many different situations, it’s your camera’sperfect partner.
* Customize the D700’s settings and learn how to use them all
* Maximize Live View and use single-point and dynamic-areaautofocus
* Explore original, optional, and custom picture controls
* Investigate wide-angle lenses, VR and DX lenses, filters, andlens accessories
* Learn secrets for getting great shots of sporting events, concerts, wildlife, products, and people




Part I: Using the Nikon D700.

Chapter 1: Exploring the Nikon D700.

Chapter 2: Nikon D700 Essentials.

Chapter 3: Setting Up the Nikon D700.

Part II: Capturing Great Images with the Nikon D700.

Chapter 4: Selecting and Using Lenses.

Chapter 5: Essential Photography Concepts.

Chapter 6: Working with Light.

Chapter 7: Advanced Shooting Techniques.

Chapter 8: Viewing and In-Camera Editing.

Part III: Appendixes.

Appendix A: Accessories.

Appendix B: D700 Specifications.

Appendix C: Online Resources.



Über den Autor

J. Dennis Thomas is a commercial photographer based in Austin, Texas. He owns Dead Sailor Productions, a custom photography and graphic design company. He is the author of six other Digital Field Guides, including Nikon D300 Digital Field Guide and Nikon Creative Lighting System Digital Field Guide.
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