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Nikon D40/D40x For Dummies 

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The Nikon D40 and the D40x offer exciting new features that willenable you to take amazing digital photos. These compact cameraspack a big punch at a great price! With Nikon D40/D40x For Dummies, you’ll discover what each bell and whistle onyour camera does so that you can confidently know when, where, whyand how to put each feature to its best use.

This friendly full-color guide translates all of those techiewords in your Nikon manual into plain English. You’ll learn whatterms like SLR, resolution, aperture, white balance, and fileformat really mean and how they effect picture quality. You’ll alsofind out what happens when you press, jiggle, or twist all thoseserious-looking controls and how to use them to capture the greatshots you imagined taking when you became a Nikon owner. Discover how to:
* Install batteries and memory card
* Adjust viewfinder to your eyesight
* Take great pictures automatically
* Get creative with exposure and lighting
* Manipulate focus and color
* Control picture quality and size
* Download, organize, and archive your photos
* Print and share your photos
* Use fast photo-retouching tricks

Packed with more than 200 beautiful color photos throughout, Nikon D40/D40x For Dummies is more than an easy-to-usehandbook, it’s the paperback version of an in-depth photographyworkshop tailored specifically to help you make the absolute mostof your Nikon picture-taking powerhouse.



Part I: Fast Track to Super Snaps.

Chapter 1: Getting the Lay of the Land.

Chapter 2: Taking Great Pictures, Automatically.

Chapter 3: Controlling Picture Quality and Size.

Chapter 4: Reviewing Your Photos.

Part II: Taking Creative Control.

Chapter 5: Getting Creative with Exposure and Lighting.

Chapter 6: Manipulating Focus and Color.

Chapter 7: Putting It All Together.

Part III: Working with Picture Files.

Chapter 8: Downloading, Organizing, and Archiving Your Photos.

Chapter 9: Printing and Sharing Your Photos.

Part IV: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 10: Ten Fast Photo-Retouching Tricks.

Chapter 11: Ten Special-Purpose Features to Explore on a Rainy Day.

Appendix: Firmware Notes and Menu Map.


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Julie Adair King is the author of many books about digital photography and imaging, including the best-selling Digital Photography For Dummies. Her most recent titles include Digital Photography Before & After Makeovers, Digital Photo Projects For Dummies, Julie King’s Everyday Photoshop For Photographers, Julie King’s Everyday Photoshop Elements, and Shoot Like a Pro!: Digital Photography Techniques. When not writing, King teaches digital photography at such locations as the Palm Beach Photographic Center. A graduate of Purdue University, she resides in Indianapolis, Indiana.
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