Krishna M. Gutala 
Living the Right Way 
As Per Bhagavad Geetha

Among the animate species, it is the humans alone that have been bestowed with razor-sharp and discriminating intellect that can think, imagine, and introspect. Humans alone could, in deep contemplation, figure out the supreme purpose of life, the ultimate destination of lifes journey. The next step was to determine the path leading to it, to realize ones true nature, ones real self, which seemed to have gotten stuck in this chaotic world. What greater guide can one expect than the quintessence of wisdom, the song of God, the Bhagavad Geetha, to realize the ultimate reality?
In order to safely cross this ocean of sorrow and distress and enable one to reach the ultimate destination, herewith are presented, in this book Living the Right Way, practical guidelines in day-to-day life and words of wisdom from the very lips of the Supreme Divinity.

Über den Autor

Dr. Krishna M. Gutala of Hyderabad, India, had a brilliant academic career. Winner of two gold medals in his Bachelors in Engineering, he did Masters in IIT Bombay, and, Doctorate in Case Western Reserve Univ, Cleveland, USA, under a UNESCO Grant. He served for nearly three decades in Osmania Univ Engg College , holding responsible positions.
Krishna Gutala has been deeply interested in religious literature and Monistic philosophy. He composed about forty poems in English in diverse themes. His effort has been mainly towards not only understanding the wisdom of our ancient scriptures, but how to implement them in our daily lives. To put into practice the oft heard adage: what matters in life is not what happens, but how one reacts to it. How to take life as it comes, take it easy, and how to keep ones cool, even under the most strenuous circumstances, and in strengthening our internal defense potential. He believes that assimilating and implementing the lessons from Geetha, is the best panacea in life.
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